OUTBRK: The Multiplayer Storm Chasing Experience

cropped-38490867_216183059062211_7427497905176444928_n.jpgOUTBRK is a multiplayer storm chasing simulator in development by veteran storm chaser, Marc Remillard. OUTBRK is being developed in the versatile Unity3D engine, known for games such as Kerbal Space Program, Cuphead, and Cities: Skylines. In OUTBRK, you and your friends can experience the wonder of nature together as you put yourself into random scenarios based on real life weather events. Prepare to have too close for comfort encounters with tornadoes, fight your way through torrential downpours, and have your windshields shattered by massive hail. So tighten your seat belt, and get ready for OUTBRK: The Multiplayer Storm Chasing Experience.