Frequently Asked Questions about OUTBRK:

When will the game be released? 

We don’t have a release date yet, but stay tuned.

How Much Will it Cost?

To be announced.

Will storms follow realistic progressions and behave like real life? If so, will each one be different?

Yes, storms are actually based on real life weather data (modeled) from the past. We might even be able to play future weather one day. The storms then behave like real ones, so you should be able to spot features that will guide you through your chases.

Will you add vehicles like the TIV or the Dominator or DOW?

The Dominator 3 is officially confirmed as a vehicle in OUTBRK. Any other vehicle will depend on its owner’s interest in the game.

Where will the game be released?

Steam store.

What will be the minimum requirements to play OUTBRK?

We will answer this question as soon as we will have tested a stable build on different setups

Will there be single player games if you don’t have access to internet or if you just want to play alone?

Yes. Offline mode will be included at the first release.

Will the graphics eventually be upgraded, tornado, clouds and other stuff included?

Yes. What you’re seeing in current footage is mainly for functionality and behavior. Our funding campaign will help tremendously in improving the visual aspect of both clouds and tornadoes, as well as special effects. We are already working with a VFX team to create amazing clouds and tornadoes.

Will there be soundings, model data, surface obs, etc.?

Yes. You’ll be able to access a lot of data at the beginning of games, and some of it will be accessible during gameplay in almost real-time.

Will there be hurricanes in Outbrk?

Most likely not. They’re too large to effectively render, plus they aren’t as fun, gameplay wise.

What storm modes will we see in game?

Any type of severe storm mode you can think of. Supercells, Squall Lines, Derechos, MCVs, etc.

Will there be “big events” like El Reno, Moore ‘99, Tuscaloosa, etc. ?


How big will the world be?


Will the game come to consoles and mobile?

It is not planned at the moment.

Will there be certain storms that don’t produce tornadoes?

Yes. Not all storms will produce tornadoes, even tornado-warned ones.

What radar and weather products will be included to the real time map system?

For the first playable versions, we’ll include Reflectivity, Velocity, and Surface Plots.

Will there be weather data maps available other than the real time ones?

Model data will be available. You’ll be able to access various parameters to help you make your own forecast if you want to. An official forecast map and discussion will also be included.

Will there be a warning system?

Yes. Including polygons on the map.