lightning-storm (1)Simulation of Real-Life Weather Events

Storms in OUTBRK are based on archived weather data from real life events. The storms progresses from birth to death similar to their real life counterparts. Every storm in OUTBRK is a unique and wild experience. Different storm modes and features will look and act just like they do in real life.

jeep Multiplayer

As you progress in your chase, you’ll be able to meet other players. The amount of concurrent players in one game will increase as development progresses.

jeep Upgradable Vehicles

Purchase vehicles with the in-game currency, or customize the ones you have with various upgrades to enhance your chase experience.

jeep Cosmetic Customization

Add decals, mirror ornaments, bumper sticker and other cool visual modifications to your vehicle to build yourself a unique chase car.

jeep Exclusive Vehicle Skins

Unlock premium chase cars and tanks skins from real storm chasers such as the Dominator 3, the PredaTOR, or some vehicles from Extreme Tornado Tours, among others.

annexation625 sq. km map

Discover all OUTBRK’s landmarks, points of interest and clever shortcuts as you chase in our huge world, designed to be a reproduction of the infamous Tornado Alley.

radar-sweep.png Maps & Radar 

The map system in OUTBRK features multiple overlays that the player can turn on and off.
Model data is available from the beginning of the game to help you decide on a target, if you feel like digging into forecasting.
If you just want to jump into the action, the official forecast will be available, helping you get an idea of where the storms should hit.
Available real-time products are reflectivity, velocity, surface plots, and weather warnings.

radar-sweep.png Weather Station, Probe and Camera 

In order to get rewarded from your chase, you have to gather as much data as you can from significant severe weather. As you progress in your OUTBRK adventure, you’ll be able to upgrade your weather gathering gear to either collect from your car, or from probes that you’ll drop on the path of a tornado.
Don’t forget to use your camera for extra value when you’re experiencing extreme weather!