A storm chase in OUTBRK

solar-timeIt’s a chase day!

Every player starts the game at the same randomly selected location in OUTBRK’s huge world. As the weather scenario begins to develop storms, take a look at the official forecast and plan your adventure. If you feel like digging deeper to stay ahead of other players, consult a variety of weather data maps.

solar-timeOn the road again!

Get in your vehicle and start driving towards your target. Make sure to stop every now and then to re-evaluate your decisions, and always plan your moves ahead! You don’t want to get stuck in a muddy dead end, do you?


As you keep an eye on the radar and monitor your targeted storm’s development, it’s time to approach the beast. If you want quality data, you must get as close as possible to any violent phenomenon, without getting yourself in trouble. Positioning yourself ahead of a tornado to deploy your probe will require a lot of practice and skills. Don’t forget to pull the trigger of your camera for extra value. You can attempt interceptions multiple times on multiple storms as long as the scenario is still going on.


As you maneuver to get the most out of your chase, keep an eye out for large hail, that could severely damage your vehicle. Don’t get out of your vehicle in a lightning-packed area if you don’t have to, you could get hit by some supercharged bolt! And last but not least, watch your fuel level. You’ll have to plan ahead if you don’t want to get stuck somewhere, out of gas.


When the scenario comes to an end, or if you decide to call it a day, all your gathered data from your camera and probes will be exchanged for the in-game currency. Any required repairs on your vehicle will be subtracted from your earnings. If you died or totaled your vehicle, you won’t get any rewards.

medallist.pngGear up!

As you go back to the menus after a game, visit your garage to upgrade your vehicles, buy new ones, or customize their look.